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Videos of cuties, hotties, awesome dudes, beautiful, handsome, cuddly, sexy, totally rockin' hot as bois... the Hottest Boys of Myspace. And they're all 100% REAL!

YouTube™ Hotties Videos

See our random list of hot boys videos submitted by YouTube™ members. The list changes each time you visit or your browser is refreshed so visit often!

Daily DudeTube™

V-blog featuring sizzling hot boy videos, reviews and more from across the web. WARNING: Links may contain sexually explicit or adult-oriented content. Daily DudeTube

Swimmerboys Photoblog

As the title implies, this is a photoblog of hot guys in (and out of) shorts, briefs, speedos, etc. posted daily by an obvious admirer who calls himself "wannabe swimmer." Swimmerboys

News & Features

GLBT news, trends, happenings, events and more. Keep up to date with the latest news and features from our friends at Mogenic, Moreover and

Lifestyles: Relationships

Common-sense tips, how-to advice, trends, issues and opinions about sex and relationships. Don't be left clueless about the most intimate part of your life.

Garibaldi Gay

A one-of-a-kind blog featuring gay news and views with a lighter touch from a variety of sources. (Links may contain sexually explicit or adult-oriented content.)

In Your Ear

What's hot, what's not. Stay current with the latest news, events and trends in the world of music from our friends at Smells Like Teen Music, and Moreover.

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